The Church

We believe in the holy Catholic Church...

Church Structure

The Church includes the various unified levels: Domestic, Parish, Diocesan, National, Universal

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The Church: Jesus' Mission Continues

The Church is the assembly of those who believe in the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Church members express their belief in God by loving each other and by continuing the mission that Jesus Christ revealed two thousand years ago. The mission of Jesus Christ can be understood in a wide variety of ways, and so Church leaders have used many different images over the years to describe the Church and how it carries on Christ's mission in the world.

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One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic

The four characteristics, or marks, of the Church are rooted in the work of the Holy Spirit. What do they mean? How do they impact our relationship with each other and with the world?

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The Church: What or Who Is it?

This session can be used in a parish setting with groups of families and/or an intergenerational group. Participants will explore various meanings of church and deepen their identification with and participation in Church.

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Family: The Domestic Church

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Loving the Church • Parent Learning Centers

Helping Our Family Live Our Faith

This session will help parents to understand that the word "church" designates those whom God’s word gathers together to form the people of God, nourished with the body of Christ to become the body of Christ. They will learn how to talk with their children about life in the Catholic Church in ways that will help them grow into a lifetime of faith. • By Bill Huebsch

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Loving the Church • Whole Community Catechesis

(English & Spanish)

This session will help participants to understand that the word "church" designates those whom God’s word gathers together to form the people of God, nourished with the body of Christ to become the body of Christ.

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Church Ritual Moments • Generations of Faith

Two ritual moments for families to reflect on Church.

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Church Scripture Reflections • Generations of Faith

Seven Scripture reflections to help families reflect on the Church.

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Church Table Prayer • Generations of Faith

At this meal, families will focus on the Church as a community of believers who gather around the table.

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Church Virtue Reality: Unity • Generations of Faith

Reflection on the virtue of unity.

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Dedication of an Altar or New Church • Generations of Faith

In this session, participants will prepare for the dedication of a new altar or new Church. • By Jim Merhaut

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Acts of the Apostles

Guidance for Being Church Today

A close look at Acts of the Apostles to answer the question, "What is the Church?" • By Ronald D. Witherup SS

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The Believing Community • FIRE

The Holy Catholic Church

In this session participants will recognize that saints are people who live Spirit-filled lives. Many people who are never canonized are saints, and all of us are called to live as saints. All the saints, living and dead, make up the community we call the Church or the communion of saints. • By Kathleen O'Connell Chesto

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Vatican II

This collection contains a wealth of resources to help you share the message of the Second Vatican Council with your community. Pope John Paul II called Vatican II "the Advent Liturgy of the new millennium." It's vital that all parish leaders be familiar with what this Council did and how the Holy Spirit moved the Church to reform itself in the work of the world's bishops and Popes.

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