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Fashioning Faith is a subscription website designed especially for parish catechetical leaders that provides access to hundreds of programs, strategies, and resources for promoting faith formation with people of all ages. Gather your whole community of faith, connect families to children's faith formation, and build faith in families at home.

The site was created by the team at the Center for Ministry Development with the gifts of many pastoral leaders. Many of the resources originated with the Generations of Faith project. In 2021, the online Pastoral Center took over stewardship of site. Learn more about the team behind this site here.

What Leaders Are Saying

"This is amazing... it is exactly what I have been looking for as we transition from traditional religious ed programming to a family/intergenerational model. Thank you again, and I am so looking forward to the [new] resources."
— Michelle Szczepanski, Clearwater, FL
"I love your resource and would be at a loss if I did not have it."
"You all do a fantastic job! I just wish I had more time to review all that you have."

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Here are samples of some of the resources you will find on this site. You are also welcome to navigate through the site to read descriptions of all the available resources.

Walking with Jesus through Lent

Here's an example of one of our dozens of thematic topics. For each, we provide a variety of pastoral tools that can be used independently or together.

The engaging week-by-week focus is based on the Scripture readings from Year B, but are useful in any year.

Spiritual writers often discuss Lent as a journey with Easter as the destination. Spiritual practices such as Stations of the Cross are also journey-oriented. These resources proposes a Gospel journey through Lent which can be divided into seven meaningful steps that disciples are called to walk with Jesus.

Each step has a distinctive character, but they are all woven together by the thread of the Lenten theme of transformation. All disciples are welcomed to begin wherever they are on Ash Wednesday. The journey does not begin with judgment; rather, it begins with your life exactly as it is at this moment. We are all sinners in need of Gospel transformation. It doesn’t matter what kind of sinner you are; it only matters that you are willing to move from where you are to a place that is closer to God. Then we are called to walk through the seven steps and be transformed into something new by Palm Sunday.

This extended Lenten retreat is a prelude to the central truth of Christianity: the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus celebrated in the Triduum that immediately follows Lent. The walk with Jesus during Lent sets us up to celebrate our transformation as we sing glory to God for the transformation that happened to Jesus on the first Easter Sunday.

General Leader Documents
Adult Formation Session (by Dr. Kathie Amidei)

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Intergenerational Session (by Jim Merhaut)
Child Session - "Step It Up" (by Mariette Martineau)
Youth Session (by Jane Angha)
Home Activities

Faith Festival: Campfire Family Night

Here's an example of one of our dozens of family faith festivals.

This 90-minute faith formation session can be used for families or for the intergenerational faith community. It engages people of all ages in exploring some of the great stories from Scripture, but in the style of stories told around a campfire.

First Steps for Families

Here's an example of one of many "first steps for families." These resources gently invite parents to take on the baptismal role of primary catechist and has two parts. First, a 15-minute session at church with parents and children. It is designed to fit right into your regular catechetical program for children. Second, a follow-up take-home activity. These resources are designed to help faith formation leaders invite parents to take the first significant steps into the parish faith formation program.

This 15-minute session for parents and children speaks to the power of blessings and encourages parents to sign their children with the cross when the children leave or come home. The home activity invites families to pray together and see family life as holy.