Family Resources for the Parish

An assortment of parish-hosted faith formation sessions for serving families, either for parents and children to attend together or for parents or children to attend on their own.

Church of the Home • FamilyFaith@Home

Using the U.S. Bishops' Pastoral Message to Families, Follow the Way of Love, as a foundation and springboard, family members will explore the meaning of "the domestic church"

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The Church: What or Who Is it?

This session can be used in a parish setting with groups of families and/or an intergenerational group. Participants will explore various meanings of church and deepen their identification with and participation in Church.

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First Steps for Families • First Steps for Families

Gently invite parents to take on the baptismal role of primary catechist with a 15-minute family session designed to fit right into your regular catechetical program for children plus a take-home activity. These resources are designed to help faith formation leaders invite parents to take the first significant steps into the parish faith formation program.

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Faith Festivals • Faith Festivals

A wide variety of 90-minute, seasonal, intergenerational learning sessions.

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Child Sessions

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Parent Sessions

An assortment of parish-hosted sessions for parents to attend (without their children present in the room).

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FIRE: A Way of Being Church

Family-Centered Intergenerational Religious Education

FIRE is a religious education program created by families for families. Unlike most religious education programs, which are designed by publishers to meet the needs of parish communities, FIRE was designed by parents searching for more effective ways to be both family and Church, and looking for ways to deepen their own faith while handing faith on to their children. It is designed to be used as a five-year process, but individual sessions may also be utilized independently. • By Kathleen O'Connell Chesto

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