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Single organization

Licenses are generally issued to a parish, school, or other single-entity, non-profit organization. If you serve more than one parish or school, each should purchase its own license. A diocese may use a standard license within its own office and for its own events, but not for its parishes. For information about diocese-wide licenses/discounts and other questions, please contact us.

Copies & sharing

You are allowed to make unlimited copies of the resources for use within your own organization. You may also email these to members of your organization (e.g. parishioners, parents, volunteers, and staff) or participants in your program, and we encourage you to share them widely.

Posting to websites

You may generally not post full resources from this site to any public web site without explicit permission. You are allowed to publish reasonable excerpts (such as weekly reflections in serialized format) and single-page handouts without permission. Please contact us to request permission or clarification for other uses.


You are permitted to modify the resource for use in your own organization without permission. We encourage you to adapt the work to best suit your community.

Prohibited uses

You may not use this resource outside your organization or distribute it to anyone outside your organization. You may not sell copies of these materials in any form.


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