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Lent Rite Journey • Generations of Faith

Facilitator Background

Keynote document with doctrinal content for sessions on the RCIA process


Facilitator Background

As a liturgical feast Pentecost is a beginning and an ending. It ends the fifty day celebration of Easter. It celebrates the beginning of the life of the Church in the world. • By Jim Merhaut

Earth Day

Facilitator Background

Our faith tradition

Poverty Awareness

Facilitator Background

Facilitator background or adult learner guide for the topic of poverty and Catholic teachings about it.

Thanksgiving Tables

Facilitator Background

Imagine the tables of our lives--and imagine the call to justice that stems from those tables.

Ignatian Spirituality

Facilitator Background

Saint Ignatius Loyola believed our deep desires are healthy, leading us towards the God who made us. While this may seem mysterious, we ultimately long for union with God. Our task is to align our desires with God's.

Easter Season

Facilitator Background

While the resurrection is an event that happened in history, it is an event that is also bigger than history; the resurrection transcends history.

Gospel of Luke

Facilitator Background

Facilitator or adult learner guide to explore the Gospel of Luke, the central Gospel in Lectionary Cycle C.

O Antiphons

Facilitator Background

Facilitator background or adult learning resource for the O Antiphons.

Missionary Discipleship: Web Links

By Rosina Hendrickson

A Church Going Forth

Ever since the risen Jesus sent out his disciples to make “disciples of all nations” (MT 28:19), the Church has been in mission. Granted, the way we speak of mission has changed over the centuries, but there is no denying that our faith is profoundly social. Jesus is the starting point. Modeling him and in communion with him and each other, we too are sent in mission to the world. We go forth to be the face of love and co-creators in building the Kingdom of God. As Pope Francis reminds us, “In our day, Jesus’ command to ‘go and make disciples’ echoes in the changing scenarios and ever new challenges to the Church’s mission of evangelization, and all of us are called to take part in this new missionary going forth.” (Evangelii Gaudium, 20) • By Ted Miles

Sharing Faith with Young Children

Leader Article

This article explores ways to share faith in the young family. What values and beliefs need to be shared? It also discusses four challenges to parents for transmitting faith at home.

An Emerging Model for Connecting with 21st Century Families

In this article, Jim Merhaut describes a way to envision faith formation connecting with the lives of families in new ways. • By Jim Merhaut


St. Mary's Parish in Waverly,IA, offers you a copy of the covenant learners and parish ministers make with each other about faith formation.

Creating a Culture of Learners

Being a learning community is an essential practice and mindset at the heart of being a faith community. How does your community fare?


Facilitator Background

Disciple Building Youth Ministry

This resource describes the meaning of disciple building and how parishes can focus their youth ministry on nurturing young people into being true disciples of Jesus Christ. • By Tom East


Team and Staff Process

A sample process to guide a parish's evaluation of faith formation efforts with a focus on whole community.

Faith Formation and Secular Culture

Leader Article

This article explores the relationship between Catholic parishes and secular culture in order to find new meeting ground for cooperation in faith formation.

Faith Formation and Technology

Leader Article

This essay, loaded with practical suggestions, explores various reasons for using technology in ministry while acknowledging the risks • By Jim Merhaut

Faith Formation and the Spirit of Hospitality

Leader Article

By Denise Utter

Faith Formation Session Planning

Leader Article

Great faith formation programs for groups in your church or in the homes of your parishioners will inspire participants to apply what they've learned in real-life situations, and the application will make strong positive improvements in their journey on the Christian spiritual path.

Forming and Sustaining a Faith Formation Team

Leader Article

By Joyce Solimini

Forming While Planning

Leader Article

The place to start our team planning for lifelong formation is with the formation of our team in the topic of faith. In this Leader Article, Mariette Martineau explores ways to form teams while you plan. • By Mariette Martineau

Fostering Faith Formation at Home

Leader Article

Essay which will help faith formation leaders and catechists become more effective in their work with families • By Jim Merhaut

GIFT Booklet

This sample info booklet was shared by Marianne Slattery, St. Noel Parish, Willoughby Hills, Ohio. The information was packaged into a small booklet with one learning session outline per page.

Improving Family Communication

Family Enrichment

A simple handout with some tips to help households communicate more effectively.

Integrated Catechesis

Leader Article

Integrating and Aligning Faith Formation throughout the Parish

Leader Article

An article for leaders about how to promote and sustain integration of faith formation and create thematic alignment in faith formation across every organization in the parish.

Intro to Church Year

Facilitator Background

This facilitator background explores the structure and theology of the church year.

Joined to Christ: Confirming Adolescents

This article explores the understanding of confirmation founded in church documentsand tradition and proposes a way to build a foundation for an effective process ofpreparing adolescents to receive the sacrament. • By Tom East

Justice Learning

Leader Article

There are so many options out there now for a mission trip or service trip that we might get discouraged trying to figure out what is best for our parish or school. Having tried several, I offer some suggestions on what would make this a powerful experience that will strengthen your catechetical efforts and build a foundation for young people in your setting.

Learning for Life

A 4 page article that highlights the who, why, what, where, and when of lifelong learning.

Lifelong Faith Formation in a Culture of Encounter

This journal article describes the meaning of the "culture of encounter" to which Pope Francis has called us. It reflects on the implications for lifelong faith formation in the parish in both method and content. • By Joan Weber

Maturing Adult Faith Formation Part 1

Leader Article

In this article by Richard P. Johnson, Ph.D., begins by saying the average age of today's Catholic is rising; clearly the average age of the people in the pews is rising! Certainly there are some parishes where the average age is younger than others, but by contrast there are others where the majority of parishioners are already retired. Because of this advancing chronological giftedness, church leadership is often tempted to ask the question: How are we to sustain our mission and ministries with so few younger parishioners? Perhaps this is the wrong question. Perhaps a more salient question might be: How can we use and share the harvest of wisdom resident in our more senior parishioners to extend our mission and ministries? Such a shift moves us from a mentality of scarcity to a mentality of abundance.

Maturing Adult Faith Formation Part 2

Leader Article

This is the second in a series of articles by Dr. Richard Johnson on faith formation for older adults. This article is excerpted from Dr. Johnson's book, The 12 Keys to Spiritual Vitality: Powerful Lessons on Living Agelessly, published by Liguori Publications.

Parenting Skills for Families with Young Children

Leader Article

This article exposes and dispels several myths about parenting young children and then suggest ten key beliefs and techniques for successful parenting and faith nurturing of young children.

Parenting Young Children Today

Leader Article

Article shares the important role faith has in family life.

Reading the Bible as a Catholic Family

Leader Article

This article gives you six ways of discovering the meaning of a biblical passage. You will find these ways helpful in your personal prayer and reflection on Scripture, as well as when you use the Bible in family ministry programming. • By Leif Kehrwald

Servant Leader

Leader Article

Do those you serve themselves become servants? A servant leader is a servant listener.

Spring 2010 Postings

Here is a listing of ALL the files posted for Spring 2010

Strategies for Sharing Faith with Young Children

Wonderful collection of ideas and strategies for sharing faith with young children.

Technology and Faith Formation – Making the Home and Parish Connection

In this journal article, Tim Welch makes the case that the parish is a community of communities that thrives when we provide diverse ways for people to share their story and connect their lives. In each portion of the article, Tim provides specific suggestions for using technology as part of our practices of promoting lifelong faith formation.

Ten Pastoral Implications of the Synod on the Word

Ten pastoral implications of the Synod on the Word.

The Power of Story

Leader Article

For us in catechetical and pastoral ministry, we must remember this simple truth about how human beings learn and grow. The story has a place of great prominence.

Time for Planning

Leader Article

While it is important to have programs well planned, it is also important to be able to go with the flow!

Understanding Families with Young Children

Leader Article

This article explores some of the typical needs, struggles, challenges, and joys of families with young children.

Using Technology and Media in Ministry

Leader Article

How can we reach children, youth, adults and families through technology? In this Journal Article, Peter Bierer explores the topic of "Using Technology and Media in Ministry." He provides a way to look at technology as a gathering point, a means of communication and a way to tell our story of faith. This is one of a two-part series that will include an article next season to be written by Tim Welch of the Diocese of St. Cloud. • By Peter Bierer