Ascension of the Lord

We celebrate Jesus' bodily ascension into heaven with a feast on the 40th day after Easter Sunday (or the closest Sunday) each year.

Ascension: Being Christ's Body in the World • Generations of Faith

Home activity on being the Body of Christ for those who suffer from injustice, neglect, or sadness.

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Ascension: Four Different Perspectives • Generations of Faith

Home activity engaging the family in reflecting on the end of the Gospel by each of the four evangelists, how they differ, and what families can learn from each one. 

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Ascension Intergenerational Program • Generations of Faith

Explore the meaning of the Ascension and how it directs us to live as the body of Christ in the world today.

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Ascension: Bless this Body • Generations of Faith

Reflect on and share what parts of Christ's body each family member is called to be for others.

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Ascension: Sent to Share Good News • Generations of Faith

Reflect on the ways you can share the teachings of Jesus with others, through words as well as actions.

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Ascension Table Prayer: Good News • Generations of Faith

Use this table prayer to focus on your blessings and the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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Popular Gospel Stories: Ascension • Generations of Faith

(English & Spanish)

Examine the 'job description' Jesus left for his disciples (and us!) at his Ascension.

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The Believing Community • FIRE

Ascended into Heaven

This lesson will examine judgment and the eventual establishment of the reign of God as the purpose of the death, Resurrection, and ascension of Jesus. • By Kathleen O'Connell Chesto

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