Resources focused on Thanksgiving

A Thanksgiving Prayer • Generations of Faith

Use this Thanksgiving prayer in a parish or home setting.

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Thanksgiving Table Prayer • Generations of Faith

(English & Spanish)

A table prayer to give thanks for the blessings in your lives.

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Thanksgiving: a Jubilee Experience • Generations of Faith

This is a learning session for youth followed by a parish-wide service project planned by them, to be done around Thanksgiving. This could also be adapted to be used as a family activity.

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Thanksgiving Family Rituals • Generations of Faith

A collection of family rituals to enhance your celebration of Thanksgiving.

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Thanksgiving: Generosity & Service • Generations of Faith

An all-ages program that guides participants to consider our call to be thankful and generous.

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Thanksgiving: Hunger & Thirst for Justice • Generations of Faith

An adaptation of "Thanksgiving: Generosity & Service" for young adults and adults.

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Thanksgiving - the Story of Zaccheus • Generations of Faith

A reflection on generosity based on the story of Zaccheus.

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Celebrating Thanksgiving Liturgy • Generations of Faith

This session will guide young people in planning and leading a Thanksgiving liturgy for the entire parish community.

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Popular Gospel Stories: 10 Lepers • Generations of Faith

Use the story of the ten lepers to think about gratitude.

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Prayers of Thanksgiving • Generations of Faith

Four ways to practice prayers of thanksgiving. Can be used any time of year, alone or with others.

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