Advent: Clothed, Decked & Adorned • Faith Festivals

This is a 90-minute intergenerational session for Advent. The focus of the session is Isaiah 61:10, which is a verse from the second reading for the 3rd Sunday of Advent, Year B. The session may be used for Advent of any year, and it includes one take-home activity.

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Advent: The Messiah is Coming • Generations of Faith

Intergenerational Program

This learning session guides learners of all ages to develop a deeper understanding of Jesus the Messiah through the exploration of Advent readings and traditions.

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Advent - Prayers & Rituals for Families • Generations of Faith

A collection of prayers and rituals for families to use during the Advent season.

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Walking to the Manger • Generations of Faith

Use this as an opening or closing prayer for a parish Advent gathering or around your family table.

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Jesus Through the Church Year • Generations of Faith

Experiencing Christ in the Advent & Christmas Seasons

In this all-ages session, participants will explore the "who" of Jesus through the Advent readings.

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Advent - Learning Activities • Generations of Faith

A collection of activities for families or parishes to learn more about the season of Advent.

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Advent - Justice & Service • Generations of Faith

Resources for Advent focused on justice & service.

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Advent - Home Activites • Generations of Faith

A collection of resources for families to use at home during Advent.

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