Home Activities for Easter

A collection of resources to use at home during the Easter season.

Easter Timeline • Generations of Faith

The four gospels record different versions of the resurrection stories. Become familiar with each by putting events in the correct order.

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Easter Family Baking • Generations of Faith

Recipes for Easter Bread and Refrigerator Roll Dough.

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Popular Gospel Stories: Easter • Generations of Faith

(English & Spanish)

Reflect on the story of Easter and what the Resurrection means for each of us.

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Easter: Service Ideas for the Season • Generations of Faith

A collection of service ideas for your family to do during Easter.

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The Blessing Egg • Generations of Faith

Teach stewardship with this simple alteration of a traditional Easter egg hunt at home. • By Jim Merhaut

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Easter Family Resources • Generations of Faith

Books, movies, and seasonal highlights to enrich your family's celebration of Easter.

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Easter: Saints for the Season • Generations of Faith

Virtue Reality

Explore the virtues of love, courage, and devotion by learning about the Saints of the Easter Season.

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Is There Really an Easter Bunny? • Generations of Faith

Use this resource to guide your family's discuss of the Easter bunny and its symbolism.

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Easter with a Bang • Generations of Faith

Use this balloon activity to explore the scripture stories about the resurrection.

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