Communion of Saints

We hold in common "God's holy gifts for God's holy people." How are the living and dead united in a mysterious offering of support and encouragement which builds up the church?

Communion of Saints: Holiness • Generations of Faith

Virtue Reality

Explore the idea of holiness within your family.

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Communion of Saints Table Prayer • Generations of Faith

In this table prayer, we focus on the Communion of Saints, which calls us to unity with each other and joins us to Christ.

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Heroes of Justice Quiz • Generations of Faith

Many people have gone before us and have given a great deal, sometimes their very lives, for the sake of those who suffer from poverty and injustice. Use this quiz at home or at a parish gathering to learn about some of our heroes of justice.

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Communion of Saints Scripture Reflections • Generations of Faith

Seven scripture reflections related to the Communion of Saints.

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Saints of Service • Generations of Faith

As a family, can you match a list of Saints with the people they served?

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November Prayers of Remembering • Generations of Faith

We join in prayer with those who have gone before us in the month of November. Use this prayer during the month of November as you come together as a family to remember our roots.

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St. Patrick • Faith Festivals

Celebrating Faith

Learn about the life of St. Patrick and find new ways to celebrate and share your own faith. • By Jane Angha

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St.Patrick's Day Celebration • Generations of Faith

March 17

Ideas for celebrating the feast of St. Patrick in your home.

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Who Wants to Be a Saint? • Generations of Faith

Script for All Saints' Day

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Letters to the Saints • Generations of Faith

Participants will write a letter to a saint of their choosing.

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Praying with the Saints • Generations of Faith

Participants will write prayers that capture the life and actions of several saints and holy people.

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Saint for the Week • Generations of Faith

Participants will learn about several saints and try to emulate them in their lives for the week.

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Saints Film Festival • Generations of Faith

Sponsor a film festival using one or more feature films portraying the lives of Saints.

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Saints Gallery • Generations of Faith

Participants will create a gallery of Saints for All Saints' Day.

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Feast of Saint John the Baptist • FamilyFaith@Home

June 24

Commemorate the date of the death of St. John the baptist and celebrate the summer solstice with your family.

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